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Berylbit is a decentralized cryptocurrency blockchain with smart contract functionality that aims to be the leader in hosting applications on its network.

Did you know that Berylbit received its name from the element Beryllium in the periodic table? The atomic weight was assigned to the Chain ID of the berylbit network (9012).
Berylbit is a decentralized cryptocurrency blockchain with smart contract capability that aspires to be the market leader in application hosting on its network. Being an open-source platform for launching Decentralized apps, providing developers with scalable development opportunities, and providing a setting for business blockchain deployments. Berylbit aspires to be the top development ecosystem for all sorts of developers by providing simple tools and build environments. Not only are we creating using solidity, but we also hope to pave the way for other sorts of developers and builders in other programming languages.
The consensus protocol is a fundamental differentiator between Berylbit and other decentralized networks. People have begun to follow blockchain touted initiatives that offer high speeds such as transactions per second (TPS) or cheap gas prices, neglecting and sacrificing two of the most critical blockchain trilemma; Decentralization and Security. Berylbit is a Proof-Of-Work consensus protocol that uses Ethash to produce a robust protected network. It is targeted at block miners competing with hash-power, increasing the network difficulty, and providing a safe network for investors, data storage, and applications. Having stated that, Proof-Of-Work is the only genuine nature of a true decentralized network on which everyone can agree.

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